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Powerful Communication Tools for Entrepreneurs: Your Presence! - Blog #3

By Joanne Bond
January 27, 2020

Perhaps the single most important communication tool you have is your presence. Presence is the way you show up, how you communicate both verbally and nonverbally, and how you make others feel. As they say, people may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel. Presence is a particularly powerful tool for entrepreneurs who are making connections and building relationships. Executive leadership coach Joanne Bond shares some thoughts on the power of presence in communication.

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Presence - How Do You Show Up?

We know presence when we see it, when we hear it. You have probably had the experience of seeing someone walk into a room and feeling drawn to them. You may not even know why this person has your attention, but you are tuned in. Some people have that mysterious pull that makes you want to hear what they have to say. You listen, and you are captivated even more. What are those traits that make their presence so magnetic and their communication so compelling?

Here are some traits I have noticed in compelling people and tips on cultivating your own engaging presence.

  • Confidence – Think about your state of mind. Believe in yourself. Stand straight, shoulders back, head up, eyes forward, smile. Think about a time when you connected positively with another person. This memory can reinforce your confidence.
  • Composure – Think about how you manage stress. When you start to feel stressed, exhale, refocus on your intention and remind yourself to enjoy the ride. Being an entrepreneur is courageous work. And the calmer you appear, the easier it will be for others to listen.
  • Credibility – Think about your believability. Be honest, empathic, influential, decisive, trustworthy. Follow-through with your commitments.
  • Charisma – Think about your magnetism. Showcase your strengths so others can see them. Let your enthusiasm for your entrepreneurial endeavor shine through.
  • Connection – Think about your relationships. Remain open to the possibilities that may emerge from connecting with others. Relationships are critical for business growth.
  • Character – Think about your integrity. Be true to yourself and represent who you are.
  • Curiosity – Think about your growth mindset. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Be curious. Curiosity will invite collaboration from others.
  • Communication – Think about your verbal and nonverbal communication. Be clear, concise, engaged, and receptive in your words and in your body language. Assure they are in sync.

Presence in Business

Your presence impacts business communications just as it does your personal communications. The way you show up has influence over the outcomes of all your interactions. Does your presence invite interaction, participation, collaboration? Radiate your enthusiasm and desire to grow your business. People are attracted to this energy and will want to connect and hear more. You will know if you are reaching others if they respond to you with openness, receptivity to your ideas, and a willingness to learn more and further your cause.

As you build your connections across many different stakeholder groups, be consistent with your presence. If the tips above feel overwhelming, pick three to practice when you communicate with others. As these become natural tendencies, add three more.

Summing Up

As you think about the entrepreneur you are and the entrepreneur you want to be, consider how your presence aligns with your communication. Notice how you show up. Are you engaging others in your communication? Are you open and curious with your tone, body language, and awareness? Are you receiving positive cues in return? Pay attention to the traits that will showcase your presence. And then practice the presence you want to convey. Pick a couple of traits to work on until they become natural. Remember, the most powerful communication tool you have on your road to entrepreneurial success is you!


Original article: http://www.scu.edu/mobi/resources--tools/blog-posts/powerful-communication-tools-for-entrepreneurs-your-presence/

About Joanne Bond:
Joanne’s mission is to coach you to become your next, best self by helping you gain the valuable insights you need to choose your most effective actions. Together, we focus on building emotional intelligence through: clear self-awareness; effective self-management, especially under stress; mutually satisfying relationships for championing your business; and fortifying your resiliency through the entrepreneurial journey. Using powerful tools and applying sound theory with a healthy dose of humor, Joanne creates an energizing and compelling coaching process. After all, it's all about YOU! For more information visit https://www.joannebondcoaching.com/ .