Joanne Bond, MS, PCC - certified leadership coach

I invest in people.
My mission is to help you develop, both personally and professionally.

How I help you get from There

My approach is very practical (like my Midwest upbringing). The pathway to becoming your next best self requires tapping into your emotional intelligence:

" be emotionally and socially intelligent is to effectively understand and express ourselves, to understand and relate well with others, and to successfully cope with daily demands, challenges and pressures." (Reuven BarOn)

Working together, I help you gain the valuable insights you need to choose your best actions. To do this work requires deliberate attention to managing your energy, creating intentional change, using powerful tools, applying sound theory and a healthy dose of humor.

Energizing, compelling coaching! After all, it's all about YOU!

My clients are all kinds of people, such as:

  • Emerging leaders and newly promoted professionals
  • Leaders reaching for their next level of effectiveness
  • Mid-career and mid-management professionals leading from the middle
  • Small business owners starting up and/or growing

My clients also include:

  • Women seeking intentional change in their life
  • People moving into and through new life chapters
  • People who need to re-energize themselves
  • …and many other interesting people like yourself